Where are the best places in the world to fly fish?

Where are the best places in the world to fly fish?

We all need to get out and about! This year is turning everyone into crazy home-bodies. And what better solution to overcome couch potato syndrome than to get out and about in nature!? And not just out and about in nature, but out fly fishing. Because a pandemic is a global event and this challenge is experienced in every corner of the world, I figured it would be helpful to put together a list with some of the world’s best fly fishing locations.

I’ve traveled around the world, literally! I’ve fished in some of the most remote and exotic places around. If there’s fish, then I consider that location to be a good fly fishing location (at least for me:). Obviously, though, some places in the world are more “ideal” than others when it comes to fly fishing. Here is my list below:

The best fly fishing places on the planet

Abacos, Bahamas

Ascension Bay, Mexico

Exmouth, Australia

Jupiter Inlet, Florida

Montauk, New York

Great Falls, Montana

Lethbridge, Alberta

Budapest, Hungary

Kyiv, Ukraine

Capetown, South Africa

Port Morseby, Papua New Guinea

Wenatchee, Washington


Fly fishing isn’t as much about catching fish as it is about rejuvenating the soul of the fisherman. Some of my favorite fly fishing adventures have been the ones where I’ve had the least number of catches. I go fishing for the whole experience, not just to tabulate a number of fish caught. Sometimes the experience is a great bonding time for friends and families, and other times it is a great bonding time with God. Sometimes I just want to be alone. And as we’re all socially distanced, I sure as heck would prefer to do so outside fishing than inside on a couch!

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