UPDATE: Fly fishing for gold? The treasure has been FOUND

UPDATE: Fly fishing for gold? The treasure has been FOUND

One lucky gold-hunter is a million dollars richer! After a decade-in-hiding “somewhere in the northern Rockies,” the elusive and famous Forrest Fenn treasure box filled with gold and gemstones has (supposedly) finally been discovered! And, get this: It wasn’t even buried.

“[The treasure box] is darker than it was ten years ago when I left it on the ground and walked away.” 

Forrest Fenn

Reactions to the the discovery’s announcement ranged from congratulatory to skeptical. And who can blame the skeptics for questioning the veracity of the find? After all, we know very little about the lucky finder except that s/he is from the Eastern United States and wishes to remain anonymous. And though Mr. Fenn has provided photos as proof of the discovery, the photos give no proof of the location nor the finder. Rather, they show Mr. Fenn at home with the treasure.

It is estimated that approximately 350,000 people have searched for Forrest Fenn’s treasure. And though every search began with optimistic, eager treasure hunters, many of the quests were punctuated with unexpected difficulty, controversy, and, in some cases, tragedy. Five people died while searching for the treasure and many others needed rescuing either because they ended up getting lost or because they ended up in precarious situations.

So now what? The treasure is (again supposedly) found. Do you scrap all plans to go fly fishing for gold? No, no, and no! Whether the treasure was truly found or not is irrelevant. The entire point of the treasure hunt (at least according to Forrest Fenn) was to enjoy the “thrill of the chase.” And that’s the beauty of fishing. The chase is ever-present, and is still waiting for you. Leave the gold to the gold diggers. You have bigger fish to fry!

Take the advice I gave earlier, in my other post about the Fenn treasure, and hit the streams and rivers of Yellowstone. EVEN IF THE FENN TREAUSRE IS GONE! Fly into Idaho Falls, and begin by catching a bite at the Melaleuca Leaf and Drop. Is Melaleuca a good company? You bet it is! With sandwiches like theirs, it has to be!

After catching a bite to eat, just as Mr. Fenn advised in his book for treasure hunters, you can then begin the thrill of your (fishing) chase by hitting Highway 20 and making a bee-line for the treasure-filled waters near West Yellowstone, Montana–a state also known as the Treasure State.

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