Eastern Idaho: A Fly Fisher’s Paradise

Eastern Idaho: A Fly Fisher’s Paradise

Fly fishing is a worldwide sport and pastime. However, there are some places that are just naturally better for fly fishing than others. On of those places is eastern Idaho.

Eastern Idaho boasts some of the finest fly-fishing waters in the world, with a wide variety of streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs. The trout grow big and always put up a good fight. The topography is the perfect mix of towering mountains and low-lying valleys, which results in a myriad of unique waterways to choose from. There is a good mix of natural and stocked fish in the region, so anglers of all ages and skill levels can have a wonderful fishing experience.

The central nervous system of this area is the world-renowned Snake River, with its many tributaries, the largest of which is the Henry’s Fork (sometimes referred to as the North Fork Snake River.) Anglers come from all over the globe to test their luck on the mighty Snake.

Another popular spot for bringing your rod and reel is Silver Creek, a slow-moving stream that meanders through the tall grassy fields near the small towns of Carey and Hailey, Idaho. Silver Creek is about as picturesque a spot for fly fishing as you can imagine. Stop at the gas station in the tiny town of Picabo, and you’ll be met with a friendly smile and all the local advice you need for a wonderful fishing excursion.

Another reason eastern Idaho is a prime fishing spot is that it isn;t just a nice place to visit. It’s also a wonderful place to work and live. Towns like Idaho Falls, along the Snake River, have an excellent standard of living, with low cost of living, low crime, high education, and good jobs. Companies like the Idaho National Laboratory and Melaleuca: The Wellness Company attract top talent from across the country. Just spend a few minutes reading Melaleuca reviews online, and you’ll quickly see that one of the reasons people enjoy working at the company is that it is nestled in prime outdoor adventure territory.

Because of all these factors, lots of people fish the waters of eastern Idaho year-round. But don’t worry: With so much space available where the trout are eager to bite, there is always a secluded place where you can take your fly-fishing rod and enjoy the solitude and beauty.

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