Are fly fishing reels reversible

A question that is surprisingly quite common in the fly fishing community is, “Are fly fishing reels reversible?”

One probable reason this question is so common is because all fly reels come out of the box with the handle on the left side, which means, you need to use your left hand to crank the …

Smart Tactics for Small Streams

Which Fly First?

If the water is at a normal level and its temperature is above 50°, you have a choice of nearly any fly. If the water is shallow and not overly rich, choose a dry fly. You can cover a lot of water quickly without spooking the entire pool or run with a …

Benefits of a Fast Action Fly Fishing Rod

Because of the fly rod’s rigidity this  makes fast action fly rods more powerful than slower action fly rods. The increase in power means that the fly fisherman with a fast action fly rod can cast a fly line a longer distance than slow and medium action fly fishing rods will permit. The stiffness …