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Are fly fishing reels reversible

A question that is surprisingly quite common in the fly fishing community is, “Are fly fishing reels reversible?”

One probable reason this question is so common is because all fly reels come out of the box with the handle on the left side, which means, you need to use your left hand to crank the …

UPDATE: Fly fishing for gold? The treasure has been FOUND

One lucky gold-hunter is a million dollars richer! After a decade-in-hiding “somewhere in the northern Rockies,” the elusive and famous Forrest Fenn treasure box filled with gold and gemstones has (supposedly) finally been discovered! And, get this: It wasn’t even buried.

” is darker than it was ten years ago when I left …

Fly Fishing in Yemen?

When people think about fly fishing locations, they usually think of places like Montana, Idaho, Montana, Washington, etc.  Since 2011, though, the list has grown to include an unlikely newcomer, Yemen.  The fly-fishing spotlight has been on Yemen ever since the production of the British film Salmon Fishing in Yemen. The film is about …

Person fishing at lake

Fly Fishing For Gold

When fly fishermen descend upon the meandering streams and rivers of the majestic Rocky Mountains, they seek a variety of things besides fish.  Solitude and adventure also rank high on the list.  For a small group of daring fishermen, add gold to that list.  Not gold trout, but gold doubloons . . . as …