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Benefits of a Fast Action Fly Fishing Rod

Because of the fly rod’s rigidity this  makes fast action fly rods more powerful than slower action fly rods. The increase in power means that the fly fisherman with a fast action fly rod can cast a fly line a longer distance than slow and medium action fly fishing rods will permit. The stiffness …

A History of Trout Fly Fishing

Trout Fly Fishing – Part Of An Ancient & Historic Sport
Since A Treatise of Fysshynge with an Angle in 1496 by Dame Juliana Berners we have been writing about the hunting fish through fly fishing techniques. Trout fly fishing particularly grew dramatically with the Victorians and through the 1800’s when Trout were transferred as …

Selecting Brown Trout Flies

Brown Trout are generally looking for flies that are imitative of the natural food found in their environment, it may be a Blue Winged Olive, Caddis, shrimp or Rhyacophila nymph that look similar i.e. they are imitative or exact imitative of the natural bugs in the water. With imitative flies they look similar to …

Upstream Nymphing – Improve Your Technique!

What Is Upstream Nymphing?
Simply put, Upstream Nymphing is casting against the current, so that your fly drifts back towards you, in to the waiting mouths of your esteemed quarry.
There are a few reasons, to be honest:

Approaching from downstream, with the current taking some of the noise (or vibration) and sediment that you kick …