Trout Flies
The trout dry fly is used floating on rivers & stillwaters. Fished on a tapered leader for good turnover and presentation it is one of the best forms of fly fishing.
Barbless Flies
Many fisheries and clubs now insist that fly fishermen use barbless hooks or crimped barbs when fly fishing. Our ranges of barbless flies are made with top quality hooking, for dries we use Partridge SLD.
Salmon Flies
Fishing for Salmon fishing offers us one of the pinacles of our fly fishing sport, feeling an Altantic, Chum or King Salmon ripping line from our reels is a special and extrodinarily exciting feeling.

Fly Fishing Specialists For Flies

A leading supplier of gear for fly fishermen, deadly fly patterns for rainbow & brown trout,  pike, salmon flies and  fly patterns for every species from our massive selection. We have fly tying materials and tools to satisfy every fly tyers needs. Our range of tackle from Greys to Wychwood, from fly rods, fly flines to waders, specialist fly fishing luggage and all of the accessories needed by fly fishermen with advice as well.

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Check our deadly and quality fly patterns

We specialise in fly tying materials and tools with great suppliers. You will find available online and instore products from us.

Saltwater Flies

We have a large range of flies suitable for saltwater fly fishing, whether you are chasing sea bass, mackerel, pollock or other fish you will find a vast range of deadly flies for sale.

Grayling Flies

As they are normally a bottom feeder the best grayling fly patterns are often nymphs and bugs. However when grayling are rising to dry flies they are superb sport.


Midges are the adult from which buzzer flies hatch every day! We recommend your should use these as your first fly on stillwaters.


Nymph and shrimp flies imitate the sub-surface food of trout & grayling. They are the larval form of flies so you can get Olive nymph or agile darters imitated by Pheasant Tail Nymphs

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FlyFishPhotos provide top quality fly fishing services across the world. We provide Fly Fishing Lessons, Guided Fly Fishing Days, Fly Fishing Gift Vouchers, Corporate Fly Fishing Days and also Fly Fishing Itineraries.

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    We have the ability to machine, repair and replace most Vintage Hardy Reels and many other Vintage Brands, returning them to functioning / working order.

  • We can customize and create a boutonniere with your colour scheme in mind.

    Your wedding party will wear the Boutonniere on the day of and then you can frame them as a part of their wedding gift to enhance the gift of a lifetime!

Our Expertise

FlyFishPhotos is able to provide this service through our expertise. We love to share our knowledge, experience, and passion for fly fishing. We were offering the largest range of premium fly fishing gear and fly tying supplies anywhere.

Avoid Drag And Micro Drag80
Don't Play Grayling Too Hard90
Have Patience85
Weigh Your Grayling (carefully)70

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